Neuralink Presentation by Elon Must Astounds Audiences and the World

While this was a couple of weeks ago, I found myself watching Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation on YouTube again. I must admit, I was fascinated, intrigued, excited, and puzzled! I was fascinated because it made me feel like a little kid anxiously awaiting Christmas. This presentation has been much anticipated, and therefore felt like ChristmasContinue reading “Neuralink Presentation by Elon Must Astounds Audiences and the World”

Human DNA Modification. Why is CRISPR So Important?

Human DNA Modification is a sensitive topic, and most western countries are at a point where regulation must address how research is conducted and under what circumstances. Enter CRISPR, a technology developed for splicing into the human DNA, and making modifications. It really is a “cut and paste” approach to being proactive in human diseaseContinue reading “Human DNA Modification. Why is CRISPR So Important?”

Should Artificial Intelligence be Credited as Inventor?

Let us just start for a second by realizing even the concept that machines could now be inventing new things, instead of us humans. Let’s also realize for a second that if machine learning become truly scaled, Humanity may have invented it’s last invention. We now hand over the reigns of research and innovation toContinue reading “Should Artificial Intelligence be Credited as Inventor?”

Virgin Galactic Just Got Closer to Making Space Tourism a Reality

Space Tourism just became a bit more real with Virgin Galactic’s trip to the edge of space. SpaceShipTwo launched from California’s Mojave air and space port. SpaceShipTwo reached on altitude of 45,000 feet, which NASA defines as the edge of space. The vehicle carried 4 payloads and a mannequin on it’s flight above the Earth.Continue reading “Virgin Galactic Just Got Closer to Making Space Tourism a Reality”

NASA Announces Discovery of a Super-Earth that Could be Habitable

It seems obvious to me, that it is only a matter of time before someone discovers a outside of our Solar System that is not only habitable, but real-time close and accessible, and we detect signs of life. We this announcement from NASA gives us 2 of these 3. As it turns out, there isContinue reading “NASA Announces Discovery of a Super-Earth that Could be Habitable”

Tesla is Planning to do Solar Roof Testing at its Fremont Car Plant

Are we really surprised! Elon Musk seems to just keep on making Judge strides forward and all things he touches. This time it is the Solar Roof part of the business which is gaining media attention. Tesla has a solar roof power division, with ambitions to deploy a solar roof on every home in theContinue reading “Tesla is Planning to do Solar Roof Testing at its Fremont Car Plant”

Extreme Ice Melt to Raise Sea Levels

There is a new article posted on – which yet again outlines just how quickly the Earth’s climate is changing. With Europe’s heat wave this past week, Greenland is experiencing higher than normal temperatures for this time of the year. This is causing a greater area of ice to melt, or at veryContinue reading “Extreme Ice Melt to Raise Sea Levels”

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