Climate Change Can Cause Food Supply Shortage: UN Report

Human-caused climate change is dramatically degrading the Earth’s land and the way people use the land is making global warming worse, a new United Nations scientific report says. That creates a vicious cycle which is already making food more expensive, scarcer and less nutritious. “The cycle is accelerating,” said NASA climate scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig, a co-author ofContinue reading “Climate Change Can Cause Food Supply Shortage: UN Report”

Tesla is Planning to do Solar Roof Testing at its Fremont Car Plant

Are we really surprised! Elon Musk seems to just keep on making Judge strides forward and all things he touches. This time it is the Solar Roof part of the business which is gaining media attention. Tesla has a solar roof power division, with ambitions to deploy a solar roof on every home in theContinue reading “Tesla is Planning to do Solar Roof Testing at its Fremont Car Plant”

Extreme Ice Melt to Raise Sea Levels

There is a new article posted on – which yet again outlines just how quickly the Earth’s climate is changing. With Europe’s heat wave this past week, Greenland is experiencing higher than normal temperatures for this time of the year. This is causing a greater area of ice to melt, or at veryContinue reading “Extreme Ice Melt to Raise Sea Levels”

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