About the Author

Julio Sanchez, Author of “Future Fantastic”

Julio Sanchez is a technologist with over 25 years experience delivering IT projects to clients. He has dedicated his life to the advancement of technology initiatives in various industries, namely Banking, Telecom, Insurance, and Goverment Agencies, within the United States and Canada.

Julio is trained in Project Management methodologies, namely Waterfall and Agile ways of delivering value to the customer.

Julio has always been fascinated with the future. Space Exploration, Autonomous Economy, Nuclear Fusion, and even Climate Change and the effects on the Planet.

Julio’s book, “Future Fantastic” is a culmination of significant research in the fields which will transform Civilization, for the better.

Born in Madrid, Spain, Julio moved to Canada as a young boy, later on marrying his wife and establishing a family. He has now lived in Rhode Island, USA since 2005.

“We are now at a point in time, when Civilization is at the doorstep of great advancements in many fields. All these will evolve to a much better world for all Humanity to benefit from. We are no longer reading about Science Fiction, but witnessing Science Fact! I can not wait to see how we evolve, and what the year 2050 looks like. I am certain that the planet will be a better place to live!” – Julio Sanchez, author.

Julio is available for media interviews and can be reached via email: FutureFan99@hotmail.com.

Julio is seeking like minded book authors, YouTube content creators, Podcasters, and Bloggers to co-create content on our mutual sites.

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