Robots and Artificial Intelligence Are Revolutionizing Humanity

It is no wonder that we are now on the cusp of robots and Artificial Intelligence being able to perform a large myriad of functions for us.

One can see in this video the remarkable accuracy by which this robot is able to throw and stick the water bottles. This has been a fun challenge which children have recently taken on, but it is now something that a machine can do. I can now see how a robot can be programmed and trained to do pretty much anything Humanity desires.

I think sime immediate applications can be such things as robotic mining, robotic exploration of the earth, seas, and space, robotic policing, and robotic manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Guess what? These things are actually happening already today! Companies like Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic are making these dramatic advancements a reality

Actually, I can see an Autonomous Economy, where a vast majority of our menial tasks can be automated and put at the hands of robots.

So, what will happen to our jobs? This will cause a major shift in the allocation of human capital. However, as with any previously disruptive event, people are retooled to take on more valuable assignments.

I can also see a 4 day work week in the near future.

I can not wait to see how these technologies evolve. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson are the entrepreneurs embarking Humanity on this great adventure. They and their companies are changing our world… For the better!

The Future is Bright!


Published by Julio Sanchez

Julio Sanchez is a technologist dedicated to advancing business technology capability, through sound Agile delivery practices. Julio has dedicated his consulting and employment gigs to companies and government agencies, large and small, across North America. His attention to technology advances has fascinated him his entire life. "We are now at a point in time, when Civilization is at the doorstep of great advancements in many fields. All these will evolve to a much better world for all humanity. We are no longer reading about Science Fiction, but witnessing Science Fact! I can not wait to see how we evolve, and what the year 2050 looks like. I am certain that the planet will be a better place to live!" - Julio Sanchez

2 thoughts on “Robots and Artificial Intelligence Are Revolutionizing Humanity

  1. I’m hoping this sort of technology allows for another creative revolution as we relinquish menial, mindless, and time-consuming tasks to AI and robotics. It will give us more time to explore and express our creativity.

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    1. I do truly believe that the 4 day work week is not far away. This will allow Humanity to have more free time to dedicate to the things that we each value and enjoy doing! The quality of our lives will improve!


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