Tesla is Planning to do Solar Roof Testing at its Fremont Car Plant

Are we really surprised! Elon Musk seems to just keep on making Judge strides forward and all things he touches. This time it is the Solar Roof part of the business which is gaining media attention.

Elon Musk

Tesla has a solar roof power division, with ambitions to deploy a solar roof on every home in the United States. They have developed a roofing tile which is actually a photovoltaic cell which can be connected to other tiles to form and a ray on a roof of practically any building. Such roof tiles are resistant to damage from severe weather conditions and are projected to last just as long as any other structured roof tile the construction industry uses today.

So, is it no wonder that Elon has thought it to be a great idea to out these solar roof tiles to the test on his Freemon car plant. This will certainly put the tiles to a significant test, with the ambition to eventually generate enough power from his factory roof to actually run the manufacturing lines inside.

Check out a CNBC.com article published today on just this very topic. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/01/tesla-plans-solar-roof-testing-at-fremont-car-plant-permits-reveal.html

My book, “Future Fantastic” scheduled to be released on September 15th, 2019, does have chapters on the electric car industry, and on the energy generating capabilities of the future.

Please take a look at an early section of the book at http://www.FutureFantastic.net

The Future is Bright!


Published by Julio Sanchez

Julio Sanchez is a technologist dedicated to advancing business technology capability, through sound Agile delivery practices. Julio has dedicated his consulting and employment gigs to companies and government agencies, large and small, across North America. His attention to technology advances has fascinated him his entire life. "We are now at a point in time, when Civilization is at the doorstep of great advancements in many fields. All these will evolve to a much better world for all humanity. We are no longer reading about Science Fiction, but witnessing Science Fact! I can not wait to see how we evolve, and what the year 2050 looks like. I am certain that the planet will be a better place to live!" - Julio Sanchez

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