Extreme Ice Melt to Raise Sea Levels

There is a new article posted on CNBC.com – https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/01/extreme-ice-melt-in-greenland-threatens-coastal-communities-scientists-warn.html which yet again outlines just how quickly the Earth’s climate is changing.

With Europe’s heat wave this past week, Greenland is experiencing higher than normal temperatures for this time of the year. This is causing a greater area of ice to melt, or at very least, get softer. The ice melting is causing a rise in the sea level. Coastal communities around the World so need to take this as a serious warning. With little to no action by coastal cities, populations that currently live on the coast may be displaced, property will be lost to permanent flooding, and the problem may become a permanent one.

However, the good news is that cities around the World are truly starting to think about such a future. Cities are preparing their plans for protecting their coasts and their cities. However, implementation will take many years and significant financial investment.

My book, “Future Fantastic” scheduled to be released on September 15th, 2019, will contain and entire section dedicated to Global Climate Change, why it is happening, and what we can do to prepare and to help manage a changed climate.

Please take a look at an early section of the book at http://www.FutureFantastic.net

The Future is Bright!

Julio Sanchez

Published by Julio Sanchez

Julio Sanchez is a technologist dedicated to advancing business technology capability, through sound Agile delivery practices. Julio has dedicated his consulting and employment gigs to companies and government agencies, large and small, across North America. His attention to technology advances has fascinated him his entire life. "We are now at a point in time, when Civilization is at the doorstep of great advancements in many fields. All these will evolve to a much better world for all humanity. We are no longer reading about Science Fiction, but witnessing Science Fact! I can not wait to see how we evolve, and what the year 2050 looks like. I am certain that the planet will be a better place to live!" - Julio Sanchez

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